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Life at BioGenex

Why Join Us?

Life and culture at BioGenex is one of pride, motivation and collaboration. The fabric of our work life encompasses the 3-I’s - Innovation, Imagination and Intuition. It is the values of thought leadership, trust, empowerment, transparency, empathy, accountability, ownership, focus and freedom, which define our identity as one of the best places to work and grow.

We are a company that provides you a career path that has immense growth and a host of opportunities. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, collaborate and understand that it is the collective strength of a team that makes us successful.

We work hard to instill a sense of quality into every aspect of our organization, from our products and services to the development of our employees. We are known by our first names and not our identification numbers (which perhaps happens in many large organisations!). We are recognised for all the hard work we put in and the innovation we do.

Apart from all this, the dividends that we take home are not just limited to appreciation or compensation. It’s the ultimate satisfaction of being associated with a philanthropic cause… of actively working on a platform of life-altering technology solutions that can make a huge difference to lives of millions of patients who get to receive an accurate and early diagnosis!

Just to give you a glimpse of it, Life at BGX is full of...

Empowerment:Take charge of Yourself! It doesn’t happen in many organisation

Fast Growth:No one to stop you if you have in you the drive to excel

Opportunities:To learn, transform and implement as a partner in a growing organisation

Transparency:In Hiring Policy, Learning & Development, Performance Management System

Work Culture: Focussed on high performance, innovation, entrepreneurship

Organizsation Culture: People really matter! We believe in them and help them nurture their careers. We believe that each employee contributes directly to BioGenex’s Growth and Success, and we are sure and convinced that each employee at BioGenex takes pride in being a member of the team.

Work-Life Balance: Of course! We understand you have a deadline to finish your favourite novel this weekend!

Simply put, BioGenex is an amazing place to work!

 Interested? Then keep reading…

I’m a BGian… I’m the Hero!

A BGian is not just an employee… They are the heroes… They are the catalysts of one of the most vibrant and niche innovative companies in the world.

Being employed with BioGenex is more than just having a job. This is a lab where you can put your talents to good use… a place where you can build a career… a company that will challenge you to be your best, every day… and lets allows you to innovate, lead, aspire and team with people who recognize your potential, and encourage you to flourish.

We are a company which is currently a small pool of talented individuals and we are constantly growing and evolving. This means a few other things too: There are new opportunities around every corner. And, we are always on look out for people who are ambitious, hard working, entrepreneurial and full of ideas.  Your role is integral to the team and you will be able to enjoy responsibility – even if you are at an early stage of your career.

If you are talented and entrepreneurial, we will quickly spot your potential and help develop your career. We not only offer job rotation but also the opportunity to expand your horizon of knowledge, skills and abilities into other domains of interest… for those who make us who we are: a company that accomplishes great things and is a global leader in the molecular diagnostics. We provide the tools to help each individual to progress, through annual development plans, comprehensive training programmes, knowledge sharing sessions, etc.

Values that drive us through the Value Chain

  • Thought Leadership in our initiatives
  • Trust & Empowerment in our atmosphere
  • Focus & Freedom in our process
  • Accountability & Ownership in our endeavours
  • Transparency & Empathy in our communication


We recognise that there are different capabilities that we all bring on-board irrespective of our gender, age, origin, culture, religion and race. We don’t believe in these roadblocks and hire people solely on the basis of their talent, work expertise and professional value. We are committed to creating a respectful, benignant work environment free of discrimination and harassment of any kind. We believe that diversity leads to a more vibrant workplace, richer interactions, and ultimately a better business model. We provide equal opportunity and collegial environment, and strictly follow non-discriminatory and no-harassment policies.


We’re always on look out for people who are ambitious, hard working, entrepreneurial and full of ideas. We hire both freshers and experienced professionals.We at BioGenex give a lot of importance to fresh ideas and talent that transform lives. We provide youngsters just out of college, and seasoned professionals, a host of opportunities to work on revolutionary development projects, a fun workplace, and an environment based on achieving a balance between work and personal life.       

What We Look For

BioGenex recruits and develops its people against core competencies and behavioural attributes. At the core of this framework are our Purpose, our Values and our Principles. We think first about integrity and other attributes that reflect a person's character and then at his technical capability. We also look at a candidate’s ability to build trust by being open, honest, straightforward, and candid. We say what we mean and do what we say.

Hiring Process

Our recruitment process is usually made up of the following 5 stages:
1.    Application
2.    Questionnaire
3.    Telephonic discussion by HR department
4.    Telephonic discussion by Technical department
5.    Personal interactions
6.    The offer

The recruitment process starts with you checking vacancies and deciding which one to apply online for. If you would like to join hands with our team of inspired individuals’, you can send your CV to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   mentioning the position title in the subject line of your email.

If your CV is shortlisted, you will get an invite to fill in our questionnaire. While the above process helps us to get a fair idea about you as a person and about your achievements, the telephonic and personal discussions give us the best opportunity to get to know you better. The process also helps you to discover more about us as a company.

Functions at Biogenex

Following are a list of functions available at BioGenex:

Technical Functions

  • Global Inside Sales Team (GIST)
  • Domestic Sales & Marketing
  • International Business Development
  • After Sales Support/ Field Service
  • Marketing Communications
  • Research & Development - Life Sciences
  • Research & Development - Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance

Support Functions

  • Administration & Facility Management
  • Human Resources Development
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Strategy & Intellectual Property Rights

Please browse through our Current Openings page to find out more about currently available openings in different functions, and if BioGenex can be the right company for you.

Our work culture, on one hand, is performance-driven. On the other, the people here are linked by family-like relationships and bonds, with a strong sense of community well-being. Working as a team, with colleagues is almost like working with friends. Besides, monthly gatherings, regular games sessions, fun events, team and family get-togethers and picnics break not just the routine, but also the barriers between people.