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Anti-CD2 for B&T Cell Associated Lymphoma Tumor Diagnosis

BioGenex presents Anti-CD2 antibody for B&T Cell Associated Lymphoma Tumor Diagnosis. The CD2 antigen, also known as lymphocyte function antigen2 (LFA2), is a single chain type I transmembrane molecule of about 50 kD and consists of 351 amino acids. It plays a critical role in activation of T cells. It binds to CD58 on antigen presenting cells and induces tyrosine phosphorylation of other molecules involved in T cell activation. 
 It also plays a regulatory role in T-cell or NK-cell mediated cytolysis. CD2 antigen is expressed on majority of T cells in peripheral lymphoid tissue, NK cells, cortical thymocytes and most malignant cells of T cell origin.
BioGenex offers ready-to-use (RTU) & concentrated forms of antibodies for both manual & automated systems which are best-in-class for clinicopathological diagnosis & drug discovery. It enables pathologists & clinicians to precisely diagnose and improve life expectancy.

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