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Anti-E-Cadherin for Colon Tumor Diagnosis

BioGenex presents Anti-E-Cadherin antibody for Tonsil tumor diagnosis. E-cadherin (123-kD) is a cell surface glycoprotein responsible for Ca 2+ -dependent intercellular adhesion between epithelial cells; it is also called uvomorulin, L-CAM, cell-CAM 120/80 or Arc-1. Alterations in the cell-cell adhesion mechanism mediated by E-cadherin which is lightly associated with alpha catenin may have implications in the metastatic potential of prostate cancer.
E-cadherin may also play a role in adhesion of dendritic epidermal T cells to keratinocytes. Clone 36 may be used to investigate the process of tumor invasion.
BioGenex offers ready-to-use (RTU) & concentrated forms of antibodies for both manual & automated systems which are best-in-class for clinicopathological diagnosis & drug discovery. It enables pathologists & clinicians to precisely diagnose and improve life expectancy.

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