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Anti-Cytokeratin, High MW for Prostate Tumor Diagnosis

BioGenex presents Anti-Cytokeratin, High MW antibody for Prostate tumor diagnosis. Monoclonal antibody 34βE12 is specific for "high molecular weight" cytokeratins 1, 5, 10, 14, corresponding to molecular weights of 68, 58, 56.5, and 50 kD, characteristically found in complex epithelium.
The antibody reacts with all squamous and ductal epithelium and stains carcinomas. It reacts with benign small-acinar lesions of the prostate.
BioGenex offers ready-to-use (RTU) & concentrated forms of antibodies for both manual & automated systems which are best-in-class for clinicopathological diagnosis & drug discovery. It enables pathologists & clinicians to precisely diagnose and improve life expectancy.

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