CD138, also known as Syndecan-1, is a member of the transmembrane heparan sulfate proteoglycan family, acts as an extracellular matrix receptor and is involved in many cellular functions, including cell-cell adhesion and cell-matrix adhesion. CD 138 expression is found in both hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells. In the hematopoietic system, CD138 labels plasma cells. It is an excellent marker for plasmacytic differentiation within the spectrum of hematologic malignancy. Among non-hematolymphoid cells, CD138 reactivity is observed in many types of epithelial cells and stoma cells in both normal and tumor tissues
Intended Use: IVD
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: EP201
Source: Rabbit
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Tonsil