BioGenex Launches Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA Probes

14 Aug

BioGenex has launched four Biomarker Panels to address the uncertainty in cancer diagnosis and aims to address the cancer of unknown primary, undifferentiated and poorly differentiated tumors, grading and subtyping.

BioGenex has developed proprietary Super Sensitive Nucleic Acid (SSNA) microRNA (miRNA) probes that are specially designed to enhance signals from the intrinsically low populated miRNAs. These probes have high melting temperatures enabling stringent washes at elevated temperatures to remove non-specific binding. BioGenex miRNA probes are dual-end labeled with a fluorophore that amplifies the signal, giving intense stains. BioGenex SSNA miRNA probes combined with visualization system allows the visualization of target miRNAs in specific cells in the spatial context and aid in studying the lowly expressed miRNA populations to assess the physiological function of miRNA. The miRNA-guided diagnostic is a powerful molecular approach for evaluating clinical samples through miRNA detection and/or visualization.


miRNAs are a group of highly conserved, noncoding RNA molecules with key regulatory functions in cellular processes. The expression profile of miRNAs, dysregulated in many pathological conditions, especially cancer is crucial biomarkers for molecular diagnostics. miRNAs are highly stable and well preserved in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, the most common and readily available specimen type in pathology. Profiling miRNA from FFPE tissue has been described to be superior to mRNA profiling since the latter is prone to extensive degradation in FFPE samples. Among many novel approaches used to assess miRNA, in situ hybridization (ISH) has shown to efficiently detect miRNA expression levels in FFPE tissue. High specificity is ensured through the action of the complementary nucleic acid binding sequence.

BioGenex is pleased to launch selected SSNA miRNA probes for i) classification of renal cell carcinoma (RCC), ii) subtyping and grading of glioma, iii) differentiation of squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma, and iv) differentiation and subtyping of gastric cancer. Our ready to use miRNA probes paired with automated detection system provides fully optimized protocols for FFPE tissue specimens and provides clean intense stains. Refer to our Biomarker Panel and Application Note for more information on miRNA research that uses our SSNA probes to address unmet clinical needs and challenges of cancer patients.

More Information on our Biomarker Panels!

BioGenex miRNA portfolio includes 235 unique miRNA probes, the ONLY commercially available extensive list of probes for miRNA ISH. BioGenex miRNA probes give consistent, reproducible and reliable outcomes.

“We are pleased to launch miRNA panel probes for accurate and early analysis of tumor as an aid to pathologists and clinicians for improving disease outcome. miRNAs have changed our understanding of gene expression and set a precedent for the development of novel diagnostic methods and treatments for cancer of unknown primary (CUP). Please join us in this endeavor of Accelerating Precision Medicine to improve cancer survival rate. Together we can advance molecular pathology for the benefit of all,” quoted Krishan Kalra, Ph.D., CEO of BioGenex.

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BioGenex designs develop and commercialize fully-automated molecular pathology systems for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, personalized medicine, and life science research. Our fully-automated workstations are the most in-depth systems available globally. Our customer-focused approach, with excellent technical and customer support provides a unique and powerful service for pathology labs. Our spirit of innovation drives us to deliver cutting edge technology, years ahead of our competition, and the finest systems for Life Science research and diagnostics.


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