BioGenex launches over 230 miRNA ISH probes and offers over $500,000 for precision medicine research grants.

19 Jun

BioGenex, a pioneer in automated in situ hybridization systems, is pleased to announce the launch of 235 fully optimized microRNA (miRNA) probe kits. BioGenex will be proudly offering grants for precision medicine, with a combined total value of over $500,000.

MicroRNAs are a class of highly conserved, non-coding RNAs with key regulatory functions in cellular processes. The expression profile of miRNAs, dysregulated in many pathological conditions -- especially cancer -- are crucial biomarkers for molecular diagnostics.These specific expression profiles are used to assess the cancer type or condition in undifferentiated or poorly differentiated tumors, cancer of unknown primary (CUP), tumor grading and classification.

The recent product release by BioGenex includes 235 miRNA probes selected for brain, kidney, gastric, lung, cervical, prostate, breast, and pancreatic cancer panels. Each panel is presented with initial validation for various applications including CUP, undifferentiated and poorly differentiated tumors, and grading and scoring of tumor lesions.


BioGenex is now accepting proposals for precision medicine research, miRNA ISH, and offering grants of over $500,000. Grants may include BioGenex miRNA probes and detection reagents, and Xmatrx® fully automated systems support (Xmatrx® Infinity, NANO, and MINI) with technical support based on proposals.

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“We’re pleased to announce the launch of this broad range of miRNA probes for accurate and early analysis of tumor as an aid to pathologists and clinicians for improving disease outcome. Please join us in this endeavor of Accelerating Precision Medicine to improve cancer survival rate. Together we can advance molecular pathology for the benefit of all,” quoted Krishan Kalra, Ph.D., CEO of BioGenex. For more information on BioGenex systems, visit

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