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02 Mar

FREMONT, California -Mach 2, 2016-BioGenex is unlocking the power of DNA to revolutionize cancer research and tumor analysis with the launching this week of its new and improved integrated eFISHiency System. This complete Laboratory Workflow Solution includes probes, Detection Systems and Smart Automation for FISH* analysis. FISH is a robust technique used for the detection of chromosomal aberrations and is invaluable for both research and diagnosis of solid tumors and hematological malignancies. Until now, cytogenetic laboratories had to dedicate most of their resources to complicated, time-consuming, manual FISH staining or had to purchase expensive and large automation systems. With over 1.5 million new cancer cases per year -there is an urgent need for a small, affordable and accurate FISH automation system that can save money, and more importantly, help save lives.




BioGenex eFISHiency system is the only integrated FISH workflow solution in the market offering an affordable, yet fast and accurate FISH automation. This system reduces hands-on processing time to less than 30 minutes, has the ability to run up to 10 FISH protocols simultaneously and provides validated reagents and protocols for optimal results. The eFISHiency system includes:

  • The world first affordable FISH automation system that fits on a bench-top Xmatrx Nano
  • 65 highly specific FISH probesFISH
  • Visualization kits for either FFPE or cell samples
  • Validated FISH protocols
  • FISH consumables
  • Performance guaranteed


BioGenex eFISH probes are processed by a unique Repeat Subtraction Technique resulting in advanced specificity and improved signal intensity. The new and improved eFISH kits contain ready-to-use (RTU) protease solutions (Liquid Pepsin) and improved pre-treatment (EZ-AR2) and post-hybridization stringency wash solutions. eFISH-Histo kit was specifically developed for fixed paraffin blocks (FFPE) while eFISH Cyto kit is for cell samples such as bone marrow aspirate, peripheral blood or cell lines. The DAPI/anti-fade reagent is a ready-to-use solution for mounting and nuclear counter-staining and was designed to minimize bleaching of fluorescence dyes during microscopic evaluation.


BioGenex FISH consumables include positively-charged barrier slides, coverslips and pipette tips. The unique barrier slides and oil seal technology effectively form a sealed reaction micro-chamber that prevents evaporation of micro-reagents during high temperature steps, eliminating the need for messy rubber cement and thereby reducing set-up time. The reaction micro-chamber reduces micro-reagent consumption by up to 90% thus reducing overall cost and eliminating waste.


Professor Igor Sharakhov, with the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech, who uses the Xmatrx system for FISH noted: “[FISH] signal is very bright and very good…The system produced consistent results and is reliable, especially with large mapping projects.” By using the Xmatrx, Prof. Sharakhov was able to allocate time to other tasks around the lab instead of dedicating talent to manual FISH staining. BioGenex guarantees the performance of their products throughout their shelf-life and offers premier after-sales support and service for their eFISHiency system and reagents.

* FISH – Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization


About BioGenex
BioGenex designs, develops, and commercializes advanced fully-automated molecular pathology systems for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, personalized medicine, and life science research. The recent introduction of our eFISHency integrated workflow solution for FISH laboratories and miRNA system for characterization of CUP and for undifferentiated tumors is a game changer that has no rival in the industry. Our fully-automated molecular pathology workstations are the most advanced system globally. Our spirit of innovation drives us to deliver cutting edge technology, years ahead of our competition, and the finest systems for life Science research and diagnostics.


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