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BioGenex is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced systems for automation of cell and tissue-based staining. The Xmatrx research systems (NANO, MINI and Infinity) are the direct result of our platform technology innovation. They offer a variety of automation, throughput and assay applications for translational and clinical research. Our key technology differentiators, including the eXACT temperature control and reaction micro-chamber, enable any slide-based assays such as immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), immuno-fluorescence (IF), co-detection and multiplex applications (double and triple stains; IHC/ISH), in situ PCR, micro-RNA and special staining.

The i6000 Elite Rx is a high-throughput open-system platform for IHC and Special-Stain staining with a capacity of 200 slides in 8 hours using BioGenex protocols. The system is supplied together with the EZ-Retriever®, for microwave-based dewaxing and antigen retrieval. The Xmatrx and i6000 platforms meet globally accepted quality standards (ISO13485:2016 & ISO9001:2015), improve laboratory workflow, productivity and reproducibility, and are intended for clinical research (RUO) in the US.

1. Xmatrx Infinity:

Features & Benefits:

  • Intelligent and flexible system offering infinite possibilities – IHC, IF ISH, FISH, CISH, IF, Multiplexing and in situ PCR.
  • Simultaneous optimization of up to 40 parameters in single run
  • Reaction micro-chamber reduces micro-reagent consumption by up to 90%
  • 40 independent thermocyclable (PCR) workstations
  • Intuitive software designed for ease of use and flexibility
  • Reports for inventory management and regulatory compliance
  • Multiple slide processing options – Random, Continuous and STAT


2. Xmatrx Nano VIP:

Features & Benefits:

  • All-in-One – FISH, in situ PCR and ISH
  • Add micro-reagents manually to save cost
  • Economical and affordable
  • Flexible open system software - to create, edit and save protocols for future use
  • Run 10 different protocols simultaneously


3. Xmatrx Mini:

Features & Benefits:

  • in situ PCR and FISH Work Station
  • Hybridizer with eXACT™ temperatures
  • 10 independent thermal cyclers
  • Built-in touch screen display for easy operations
  • On-board wash with effective waste drainage system
  • Audio-visual alerts at every step for manual intervention
  • User-friendly software with ability to add or delete cycles, store protocols for future use and perform up to 45 PCR cycles


4. i6000 Elite Rx Automated Staining Systems:

Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-functional System for IHC, IF and Special Stains
  • Fully open system to customize any manual protocol
  • High capacity: 60 slides and 53 antibodies per run
  • Works seamlessly with EZ-Retriever® for Eco-friendly De-waxing, Rehydration and Antigen Retrieval
  • Reagent dispense volumes: 100 μL to 900 μL
  • Liquid level sensor for accurate reagent dispensing
  • Audio-visual alerts at every step for manual intervention
  • Multiple slide processing options – Random, Continuous and STAT

5. EZ-Retriever System

Features & Benefits:

  • Dewaxing, rehydration and antigen retrieval in one step
  • High throughput: 96 slides in 35 minutes
  • Reduce time for primary antibody incubation time
  • Programmable time and temperature controls
  • Microwavable containers for four antigen retrieval solutions
  • User friendly interface
  • User defined protocols for versatility
  • Optimized factory protocols
  • Eco-friendly solutions


Specifications Xmatrx Ultra Rx Xmatrx Infinity i6000 Elite Rx
Automation Full (baking through cover slip) Full (baking through cover slip) Automated staining
Run Time (full slide load) Open System / User defined Open System / User defined Open System / User defined
Temperature Range Ambient to 105 oC Ambient to 105 oC NA
Reagent Dispensing Volume 10-850 µl 10-850 µl 100-1000 µl
Slide Capacity 40 40 60
Reagent Capacity 42 49 60
Bar Code Reader NA NA NA
Bulk Reagent Carboy 7 x 4 L 7 x 4 L 2 x 10 L
Waste Container 20 L 8 L 20 L
Auto Drain NA NA
Languages enabled English English English, Chinese, German
LIMS - enabled data tracking and management
Ease of slide loading NA NA
Protocols Template / Self Template / Self Template / Self
Dimensions (D/W/H) 30”/43”/54” 29”/46”/59” 24”/40.5”/18.5”
Weight 400 lb/ 182 kg 400 lb/ 182 kg 130 lb / 59 kg


Specifications Xmatrx NANO VIP Xmatrx MINI


Full Automation

Work Station

Run Time (full slide load)

Open System / User defined

Open System / User defined

Temperature Range

Ambient to 105 oC

Ambient to 105 oC

Reagent Dispensing Volume

10-850 uL


Slide Capacity



Reagent Capacity



Bulk Reagent Carboy

6 x 1 L


Waste Container

4 L

2 L

Touch Screen


Languages enabled

English, Italian

English, Italian

LIMS - enabled data tracking and management


Template / Self

Template / Self

Dimensions (D/W/H)




106 lb/ 48 kg

30 lb/ 13.6 kg


Research Platforms /Application IHC ISH/CISH Double Staining Special Stains FISH IF miRNA ISH



In Situ PCR
Xmatrx® Infinity
Xmatrx® Ultra Rx
i6000TM Elite RX NA NA NA NA NA