Xmatrx ULTRA

Xmatrx ULTRA is our next generation fully automated slide staining system with an innovative, elegant and compact aesthetics to suit your lab space. This All-in-One and All-at-Once system standardizes the process from baking to final coverslip and is capable of performing any slide-based assays including IHC, ISH, CISH, FISH, multiplexing and co-detection, special stain, in situ PCR and miRNA on multi-format specimens (FFPE and frozen tissues, cytology preparations, cell smears and fine needle aspirations). On-board mixing of chromogen and buffer, intelligent SMS alerts, and automated waste disposal system are just some of the new technologies enabled by Xmatrx ULTRA which also assures accurate reagent dispensing using liquid level sensor, even distribution of reagents on specimen by reaction micro-chamber, and precise temperature control on each slide with eXACT technology

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Features and Benefits

  • High throughput: 100 slides per day
  • Auto-Dab enabled – On-board automated mixing of chromogen and buffer
  • Carboy indication panel depicts remaining, required and add-on volume
  • Automated waste disposal system
  • Proprietary coverslip mechanism
  • Color-coded GUI-real time tracking of all assay parameters
  • LIS-enabled data tracking and management


Specifications Xmatrx ULTRA Dx
Automation Full (baking through cover slipping)
Run Time (full slide load) 5.5 hours
Throughput (8 hours) 60 slides
Temperature Range Ambient to 105oC
Reagent Dispensing Volume 10-850µl
Slide Capacity 40
Reagent Capacity 42
Reader Barcode
Bulk Reagent Carboy 7 x 4 L
Waste Container 20 L
Languages enabled English
LIMS - enabled data tracking and management
Protocols >400, preloaded
Dimensions (D/W/H) 30”/43”/54”
Weight 419 lb / 190 kg
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